SuperStream Rollover Pilot Announcement

ComplianceTest.Net Launches SuperStream Pilot Testing Program

Participating organizations can test superannuation software products
for compliance to SuperStream requirements

CANBERRA, Australia, 16th Sept 2013 – Organizations looking to test their information system products for compliance with the Australian Government SuperStream data exchange standards can join a free pilot being conducted by, a new online self-service tool in software testing. enables organizations to test products or services for compliance to data exchange standards defined by issuing authorities – all in a neutral setting. A highly configurable, cloud-based community management and automated test harness system, offers a reliable yet low cost alternative for any community that includes organizations looking to successfully exchange electronic data with a minimum of errors.

“Following the Australian government mandate of data standards for superannuation rollovers and contributions, organizations need to ensure that their systems are compliant.  The pilot aims to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of collaborative online self-service approach to compliance testing” says Steve Capell, Director of

The pilot will offer participating organizations the opportunity to work through a set of increasingly complex test cases that will verify compliance with the ATO rollover specification including XBRL taxonomy and business rules validation.  Aditionally, the test cases cover both positive scenarios (that the tester can exchange valid messages) and negative sceanrios (that the tester can correctly identify and handle error conditions).  At the conclusion of the pilot, organizations can opt to continue to leverage testing services through on a subscription basis, including the member contributions test suite due for release in December 2013.

There is no cost to participate in this pilot, but there are a limited number of participants who will be allowed to enter the pilot.  The deadline for enrollment the SuperStream pilot is Friday Sept. 27.  The pilot will run from October 14 to October 28.  To reserve a spot in the pilot program, please contact

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